After a year‘s wait for the Race Perfect conditions awaited CHRILA, s56R and Crew in the fantastic Archipelago: 3-5 bft, Sun and very friendly finns. And 43 Swans, in orc 1&2.

An impressive lineup considering alongside the river.

The First start @aristo bay saw Chrila, 45s Katima and Aurora Zero at the line , with local favourites eira s51 and s55 Galiana following . A First Mark lead. Kite up and at 10 kn plus Knots we were moving ahead , extending the lead on every leg. Thrilled by a fort to finish and a lead of 1,5 hrs on s65 on 3 hours of Sailing an Overall second on Handicap made everyone smile on Board.

A Sunny Receiver

Freshly motivated into the second day we pulled ahead again Even faster when our…Traveller failed . Fixing Costed the second Beat and despite a full blow spinnaker approach @25kn to the finish we missed 3rd by 15sec on corrected, though way ahead again on sailed time. Aurora won, but Chrila still on Podium.

After a nice owners Dinner at „NOOA“ the prospect of light airs , breeze to pick up, again in mediterranean temperatures, was a concern, as all lower rated boats could be a Threat .

Another Zero Start and some brilliant Crew work on spinnaker gybes unexpectedly yielded again a lead of over an hour on most.

All were smiling 😊 having thus secured podium after winner aurora, celebrated in style on schooner. „Suomen jutsen“ by ceo of Nautor .

On the Final Parade of sail everyone agreed : „will be back“ „can’t be better“

Thanks to all