Inclusion World Championship for Sailing:

11th -13th October 2020 - NRV | Hamburg | Alster Lake

Heiko Kröger and Clemens Kraus become the first inclusive world champions of sailing.

11th -13th October 2020 | NRV | Hamburg | Alster Lake

The first inclusive world championship of sailing was won by a not unknown sailor: With a number of first places the team K&K - alias Heiko Kröger and Clemens Kraus sailed the first world championship title in this still young boat class. Just behind them were the swedish team Fia Fjelddahl and Markus Jenkinson, who had put together a very convincing series on the Alster. Third place and thus bronze went to the Australian David Chapman, who started for the NRV and sailed with Silke Fossek from FC St. Pauli. Even if the wind did not show itself from its best side, especially on days 2 and 3, the new World Cup was a special highlight for everyone; the inclusion lived here was an enrichment in unison, not to mention the moving joy of life.

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»Perhaps the world will become a little more thoughtful«

+ 2 people - one with, one without disability
+ sail boat: Far East SV 14
+ racing days 11th-13th October
+ opportunities to practice: October 10th
+ sailing spot: Alster Lake in front of the NRV clubhouse
+ arrival just with light luggage and without boats

+ entry fee per team 150,- €
+ racing days 11th-13th October
+ warm up & training 10th October
+ boats and sails will be provided
+ 2 evenings with meals for teams included in the entry fee
+ Accommodation: booking code „PART“

The venue - The City as a background and the Alster Lake as the sailing waters

The races will be sailed on the Alster Lake. The Alster Lake is located right in the city centre of Hamburg. Hardly any other place offers such a wonderful opportunity to present sailing

in the middle of a big city. Hamburg’s latest landmark the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall and St. Michaels ́ Church spire can be seen in the background – sailing in the middle of the city.

The boat - SV14

Boats and sails will be provided by the NRV. There is no need for the participants to bring their own equipment. We are sailing in a fleets of SV14. We expect to have a total of 25 crews at the starting line.

Length WL: 4,34 m
Beam: 1,49 m
Sail area tacking: 9,10 qm
Sail area reaching: 18,10 qm
Two seats
the boat can capsize (90 ° – 130°), however rights itself.

Perfectly suited for people with physical constraints to experience the finest hobby in the world.

Additional information / Questions/ Registration or intend of cooperation: Sven Jürgensen / Event Organizer

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Schöne Aussicht 37 | 22085 Hamburg
Sven Jürgensen
Tel.: +49 (0) 171 683 5555